World Ending-Looking ahead

The dreaded day

December 21 2012, what is so special about this date? Most of us would have known by now that there is a theory going around according to the Mayan Long Count Calendar that the world will end on this date. I’m certainly not good enough to go with this theory or counter it with facts. But one thing i can do is imagining a world awaiting its end. What will be the response of some famous persons to this adversity. So let us think about 2012 and the world order then especially our India’s. All of the things I’m going to describe are purely imaginary and not meant to hurt anyone(I know my readers’ count and none of the people mentioned here are among them to see red)

Rahul Gandhi seems worried

Think about our nation and its leaders. The Congress will still be in power at the helm and their biggest threat will not be from the B.J.P or the Communist party but the disaster that is about to happen. By then the Communist party will be in a race against the ‘world’ to see who ends first and the B.J.P will be hoping for a new world where they can start all over again.(How optimistic are they?) Rahul Gandhi will be the biggest loser and he may ask the election commission to advance the parliament election by 2 years(a small matter of time) just to get the Prime Minister’s chair. One man can be seen not bothered about anything.That is Mr.Chidambaram. He has every right to be like that when even losing the election by a huge margin could not take his cabinet post away.(“Come what may, I will be here”, he said in an interview).

Raj Thackeray:Maharashtra before the world

What about the Siv Sena and the Thackerays. They would be busy protesting against the world ending theory saying that it’s not the Mayan Calendar but the Marathi calendar that foretold this situation.(By then nobody will have time to listen to them). Another important personality is Ajmal Kasab. He will surely be in some prison awaiting trial long after his act of ‘innocence’. What will his mindset be? Whether he would be laughing at the Indians seeing that the fate for them is the same as that for him?

RGV: No more lights

Ram Gopal Varma will be praying to the gods(Not the good ones,but the evil ones) to give him and a friend of him some more time so that they can make another of those mind-boggling films,may be one about the end of the world. That friend is without doubt, Mr.Amithabh Bachchan. Mr.Varma even suggested the god to take away the sun if necessary as he could manage his film in mere darkness. Meanwhile Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar might be planning their next film in moon instead of their beloved U.S. But they are sure to go back to that tried and trusted name for the hero, Rahul, what else after the debacle ‘My name is Khan’.

Lalit Modi: IPL should go on

Come to cricket. Lalit Modi can be seen seeking possibilities to shift the IPL to a planet that is not affected by the world-end. He would be busy in meetings with scientists from NASA to find out that whether the pitches in Mars or even Pluto for that matter is playable.(“Good Job Sir”). Ricky Ponting might be a desperate figure then. He would have hoped that once Tendulkar retires, he can go and get all the records. But just as Mr.Tendulkar calls it a day, the world is coming to an end, poor old Ricky.The same time in Pakistan,they would be discussing who should be the last ever pakistani captain(the third one for 2012) and Shahid Afridi would be hoping that he might get it this time around after his long lasting ‘services’ to Pakistan cricket. There are so many other faces and incidents flashing through my mind like the re-union of the Ambani brothers to make them the richest in the world, a subdued presidential election in the U.S for 2012, Bill Gates donating all his wealth to charity and so many things like that. Finally I must say that this world ending theory is hard for me to believe, much harder than to believe I’m not alive.



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3 responses to “World Ending-Looking ahead

  1. a gr88 deal of imagination dere . good work … nyway if the world ends as said , it would be a blessing 4 us rite ??? 😉 no more worries … RIP …

  2. kevinbabu

    I agree with Mr. One Indian.. 🙂

    Gud work naru..!

  3. Teby Kurien

    Great Work

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